Transit of Venus, June 8, 2004


by Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard

On the sites and (in Norwegian) the transit of Venus will be shown live with images of high quality from 6 - 8 locations in Norway. There will also be links to webcasts abroad.

The images will be places on both sites and will be particularly useful for measurements of distances in the Solar system.

Everything possible will be done to present the historic transit of Venus as spectularly as possible.

Specialized equipment will be employed, including a selection of filters, special webcams and software.

Some examples of the quality of images previously achieved on webcasts with this equipment can be found below. During this year's webcast, the quality will be even higher. Pictures will be updated up to several times a minute, so this is a real, live event!

Pictures taken in preparation of the great partial solar eclipse of 31. May 2003:

The great partial eclipse at maximum phase:

This year, much greater magnification will be used for some images. Example:

All photos: Carsten Arnholm for

Be sure to catch the historic transit on these sites on June 7 (information about the event and measurements of distances) and June 8 for a historic webcast!!


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